Welcome and Opening

Welcome and Opening



The goal of the LF APAC China Open Source Evangelist Team is to promote the development of the open source community in China. We look forward to working together with evangelists to drive more activities and support for the open source community in China! The LF APAC Open Source Evangelist OSPO SIG is an OSPO group under the LFAPAC evangelist team, mainly promoting OSPO (Open Source Program Office) and making more individuals and enterprises aware of open source and OSPO. We will share our past work and plans for this year, and we look forward to everyone's participation.


Practice of Red Hat OSPO 下载PPT

The Red Hat Open Source Project Office (OSPO) is an internal team at Red Hat dedicated to promoting and advancing open source software and communities. The OSPO is responsible for guiding Red Hat's contributions to open source projects, coordinating with other open source organizations, and supporting the use of open source software by the wider community of users and partners, including how to contribute code, documentation, and other resources upstream as well as providing feedback and guidance for these projects. In addition, it provides resources and support for external organizations and communities, including consulting services, legal and licensing guidance, tools and resources for managing and contributing to open source projects, etc. OSPO plays a key role in Red Hat's commitment to open source software and supporting its community, helping to ensure that open source continues to thrive and innovate. This topic will delve into the history, operation, organization, functions, practices of Red Hat's OSPO.


Roundtable - Gaining Trust

1. How can OSPO gain the trust of developers? 2. What positive roles can OSPO play in building open source communities or technology ecosystems for commercial companies? 3. What role does OSPO play in open source productization and community building? This is a challenging question that we need to face directly. Many teams think that OSPO is an office and are unwilling to join the open source working group, but as a center of expertise, it can provide many benefits. Some people also see us as money or channels. 4. How can OSPO become the "center of expertise" linking ecosystems and projects?
Round table host :Zhiqiang Yu | Co-Chair of LFAPAC OSPO SIG


LFAPAC Open Source Evangelist Translation SIG

The LFAPAC Open Source Evangelist Translation SIG, established on June 1st, 2022, hereby introduces the achievements of the translation team over the past year to the public and calls on interested friends to join the ranks of translators and contribute to open source development.


Risk analysis of "out of supply" of open source software

With the changes in the international situation, there is a so-called "out of supply" risk in many fields. In the open source field, there are also many concerns about this, but many people believe that open source software does not have a "out of supply" risk. This controversy has also affected the attitudes of various organizations and enterprises towards the application and contribution of open source software. This speech attempts to analyze and discuss whether open source software has a "out of supply" risk and what aspects need to be seriously considered and addressed.


Looking at enterprise open source compliance from the first successful domestic GPL defense case. 下载PPT

In the case of FutureSoft v. YQTSOFT and Liu, which involves infringement of computer software copyright, the court denied the protectability of the plaintiff's entire software on the grounds that only a small part of it unintentionally used GPL software. This is the first time that a domestic court has rejected almost all of the plaintiff's claims based on a defendant's GPL defense. The "no compliance, no protection" standard established in this case imposes higher compliance requirements on high-tech companies in terms of following open source licenses and protecting software copyrights. At the same time, this case boldly recognizes and supports the effectiveness of open source licenses, providing new ideas for computer software rights protection and defense. As someone involved in handling this case, I plan to share key points and difficulties related to enterprise open source compliance and governance from a lawyer's perspective, helping enterprises use open source technology safely while promoting their own open source strategies.


OpenChain General Manager, The Linux Foundation

Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include building the largest open source governance community in the world through the OpenChain Project, spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history and establishing the first global network for open source legal experts. He is a founder of both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to open source. He currently leads the OpenChain Project and is a General Assembly Member of OpenForum Europe.
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